The Effects of Roof Reflectance on Air Temperatures Surrounding a Rooftop Condensing Unit
Recent anecdotal information suggests that “cool” roofs might produce significant energy savings by reducing the temperature of air entering rooftop air-conditioner (RTU) condensers. Unfortunately, measurements to support this claim are not well documented. To overcome this problem, we carried out a set of six rigorous field experiments to determine the effects of roof reflectance on the heating of condenser inlet air by the roof, and to assess the effects of condenser fan operation on the potential recirculation of hot discharge air from the condenser.
Author(s): Hashem Akbari, Craig Wray
CIEE Program: Additional Documents
Document Type: Reports
Filename: CoolRoof_RTU_Expt cpw4c-HA.pdf
Publisher: California Institute for Energy and Environment
Year Published: 2007