Lighting accounts for one-quarter of California’s electricity use today. Over the next decade, however, California will slash that fraction dramatically, thanks to new technologies and strategic thinking about how we light our homes, businesses, and spaces we share.

The plan to achieve this progress was laid out in a new chapter specifically on lighting, added in September 2010 to the two-year-old California Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, the state's comprehensive roadmap for achieving maximum efficiency by 2020. Working with the California Public Utilities Commission on the thorough process to draft, vet, and adopt the chapter, CIEE was a major contributor, in close partnership with the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) at UC Davis and the global energy company KEMA.

The chapter sets a transformational 10-year goal: achieve a 60-80% reduction in California's consumption of electricity for lighting by making best practices common practices. These best practices are exactly the lighting solutions that CIEE is pursuing with its sponsors and partners: integrated, coordinated, and environmentally sound technologies, controls, systems, and design approaches that deliver lighting strategically — where it's needed, when it's needed — for the greatest efficiency.

CIEE and the CLTC provided planning coordination with lighting technology demonstrations and market transformation efforts of the State Partnership for Energy Efficiency Demonstrations program. This program is currently emphasizing sensors and controls to manage lighting for areas where occupancy is infrequent or intermittent — parking lots, walkways, corridors, offices, classrooms, stairwells, or areas lit by security lights. Among other energy-efficient technologies in the demonstration portfolio are task lighting systems that reduce the need for ambient lighting; systems using solid-state light emitting diode (LED) technology; wireless lighting controls; and daylighting methods to reduce the need for electric lighting.

The chapter also calls for expanding research, product development, and commercialization; motivating consumers to use efficient technologies for lighting; and adopting state policies to accelerate market transformation — all areas in which CIEE experts can play a key role.

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