Daniel Arnold
Graduate Student Researcher,
Electric Grid
(858) 344.3759

An experienced researcher in a range of engineering fields, Daniel Arnold is a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley. He has expertise in control systems, robotics, operations research, and electric-power systems — valuable background for his current CIEE work exploring advanced control strategies based on data supplied by micro-synchrophasors in power distribution systems.

Dan brings no-nonsense analytic skills and a practical mindset to his work, as well as a passion for its technical details and its potential to shape the energy economy. His dissertation, set to be completed soon, is developing enabling technologies for residential energy management, and using them to optimize the operation and reliability of electric-power distributions systems. In earlier projects, he developed a software suite for residential energy management, adapted the system for demand response in commercial buildings, and worked on energy-storage systems for better grid operations. His work on an energy information gateway won him a Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award in 2011.

Dan earned his B.S. in mechanical engineering and his M.S. in engineering science, both at UC San Diego. At Berkeley, he is an experienced teacher and mentor. Away from the lab and classroom, he enjoys cooking and outdoor water activities, including swimming, fishing, and stand-up paddle-boarding.