Tiffany Wong
Program Support,
American Jobs Project

“I am driven to recreate the tools of the world to empower and uphold diverse communities and shift our focus to nurturing happy, healthy and secure lives.”

Tiffany Wong has been with the American Jobs Project since 2015, creating state policy guides for quality advanced energy jobs across the nation. In addition to supporting overall operations, she has contributed extensive policy research, outreach, writing, and copy editing. This work has allowed her to delve into specific topics such as solar, advanced materials, and workforce development.

A UC Berkeley graduate, she received a B.S. in Environmental Sciences and a B.S. in Society and Environment. Through her studies, she has explored issues of power grid resilience and legal strategies for environmental justice communities. She aims to continue learning and making an impact at the intersection of socioeconomic security and environmental health.

Outside of work, Tiffany is dedicated to serving the Bay Area community as an active member of Kiwanis International. She is also an amateur ornithologist and enjoys all things creative.​