Aminy Ostfeld
Research Associate,
Electric Grid

“My mission is to develop technologies—from device level to system level—that expedite our transition to sustainable energy.”

Aminy Ostfeld received her bachelor’s degree with honors in Electrical Engineering from Brown University in 2011. She completed her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 2016, in the Flexible Electronic Devices and Systems Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley. Her graduate research centered on the development of solar energy harvesting systems using printed and flexible electronics technology, including the design and manufacturing of solar cells and power electronic components, as well as the integration of solar modules with energy storage. As a postdoctoral researcher at CIEE with Prof. Alexandra von Meier, Aminy’s focus is on monitoring and control of electric distribution grids using high-precision measurement data, in order to support utility planning and operations and the integration of distributed renewable generation.