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EcoBlock: Grid Impacts, Scaling, and Resilience

EcoBlocks has the potential to transform today's electricity system into one that is more resilient, flexible, efficient and sustainable. This report is intended as an independent analysis of the potential relationships, both constructive and adverse, between EcoBlocks and the grid.
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A Review of Energy Reduction Competitions: What Have We Learned

This innovative report reviews a representative selection of completed and ongoing energy reduction competitions and uses the lessons learned to provide best practice guidance on the design, implementation, and evaluation of future programs.
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Open Software-Architecture for Building Monitoring and Control

Presented at the Sustainable Places 2015 Conference in Savona, Italy, this paper discusses eXtensible Building Operating System (XBOS), a promising avenue in technology development with the potential to cause a rapid increase in the pace of adoption of improved control of energy-using devices and systems.
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