CIEE advances public-interest energy research in California, bringing together research sponsors and world-leading researchers from the University of California and beyond. CIEE brings its team of leading researchers to bear on this work; it also defines, plans, manages, administers, and provides technical coordination and guidance for complex projects involving other research innovators from UC and beyond. Collaborating with sponsors, CIEE experts coordinate field-tests of promising new technologies and practices and foster their wide-scale adoption by consumers, business, and the energy-service industry.

CIEE’s work is moving California closer to achieving its groundbreaking energy-use and climate-protection goals. The benefits for California will be:

  • Secure and sustainable energy systems
  • Access to reliable, affordable energy for all
  • Heightened productivity and competitiveness for California industries
  • Improved air and water quality, and a healthier environment
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and a more stable and predictable climate.