California has set itself far-reaching, fast-tracked goals for energy efficiency — goals that can lead the way to new thinking and practices around the globe. But how can California bring together bold ideas, solid research, and ultimate solutions to meet its vision for the future?

img_artRosenfeldArt Rosenfeld: Putting a Vision to Work. CIEE traces its leadership, pragmatic approach, and passion for solutions to its founder, Art Rosenfeld, who pioneered energy-efficiency standards that have put California in the global spotlight. He founded CIEE to wed that vision and the extraordinary UC researchers who are making it a reality. Photo: Adam Gottlieb. Learn More »

The California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE) is a linchpin in meeting this challenge. Based in the University of California, at CITRIS, we conduct public-interest energy research, and initiate, plan, manage, and administer high-impact research programs with experts at UC, other universities, government, industry, and nonprofits. We partner with the California Energy Commission, the California Public Utilities Commission, the U.S. Department of Energy, utilities, and other research sponsors to help form the agenda for research in energy science, technology, and policy — identifying the most critical avenues on the complex route to California’s energy goals. CIEE then brings to bear the expertise of its world-class researchers, and those from UC and around the country, to do the innovative work that will pave the way to California’s success.

And what is success for CIEE? Our aim is to advance promising technologies and practices, field-test them with our partners, and nurture them to wide-scale use by consumers, business, and industry, in California and beyond — moving steadily toward meeting California’s energy goals.

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