The Local Team: Leveraging Distributed Resources to Improve Resilience
In recent years, extreme weather events have severely affected the performance of the electric grid. Very large-scale events (VLSE) with potentially catastrophic impacts on the grid pose more than an inconvenience in today's electricity-driven lifestyle, and the frequency and severity of such events may continue to increase as a consequence of global climate change. This article summarizes the state of the art in leveraging distributed resources to improve resilience of the electric grid. It also highlights the technical questions that need to be addressed through additional research and development if the value of distributed resources is to be maximized. Published in "Power and Energy Magazine", Volume: 12, Issue: 5
Author(s): R. Arghandeh, M. Brown, A. Del Rosso, G. Ghatikar, E. Stewart, A. Vojdani, A. von Meier
CIEE Program: Electric Grid
Document Type: Articles
Filename: PESMag_DR for Resilience_Arghandeh.pdf
Publisher: IEEE Power & Energy Society
Year Published: 2014