Application of Advanced Early Warning Systems with Adaptive Protection
This project developed and field-tested two methods of Adaptive Protection systems utilizing synchrophasor data. One method detects conditions of system stress that can lead to unintended relay operation, and initiates a supervisory signal to modify relay response in real time to avoid false trips. The second method detects the possibility of false trips of impedance relays as stable system swings “encroach” on the relays’ impedance zones, and produces an early warning so that relay engineers can re-evaluate relay settings. In addition, real-time synchrophasor data produced by this project was used to develop advanced visualization techniques for display of synchrophasor data to utility operators and engineers.
Author(s): Carl Blumstein, Lloyd Cibulka, James Thorp, Virgilio Centeno, Roger King, Kari Babski-Reeves, Frank Ashrafi, Vahid Madani
CIEE Program: Electric Grid
Document Type: Reports
Filename: DE-OE0000120 Final Technical Report 150312.pdf
Publisher: US Department of Energy, California Energy Commission
Year Published: 2015