EcoBlock: Grid Impacts, Scaling, and Resilience
Widespread deployment of EcoBlocks has the potential to transform today's electricity system into one that is more resilient, flexible, efficient and sustainable. In this vision, the system will consist of self- sucient, renewable-powered, block-scale entities that can deliberately adjust their net power exchange and can optimize performance, maintain stability, support each other, or disconnect entirely from the grid as needed. This report is intended as an independent analysis of the potential relationships, both constructive and adverse, between EcoBlocks and the grid.
Author(s): Aminy Ostfeld, Alexandra von Meier, Michael Whitmeyer, Mohini Bariya
CIEE Program: Electric Grid
Document Type: Reports
Filename: Ostfeld von Meier EcoBlock Report.pdf
Publisher: Berkeley Energy & Climate Institute, and Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley
Year Published: 2017