Energy Related Centers
Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC)

The Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) is a multidisciplinary network of UC Berkeley students, alumni, faculty, industry professionals, and advisors who seek to turn world-leading research into world-changing solutions by tackling tough and timely energy and environmental challenges. BERC’s mission is to connect, educate, and engage its members in order to foster innovation and action. To that end, BERC: Connects nearly 3,000 members as a part of a broad, cross-disciplinary network of students, faculty and professionals in the fields of energy and resources; educates students about cutting edge work in energy and resources through organizing events, lectures, and treks; and, engages members by providing opportunities to address global energy and resources issues and collaborate on real-world projects. Visit website »

Buildings, Energy, and Transportation Systems (BETS)

The Buildings, Energy, and Transportation Systems (BETS) research group investigates the design and implementation of networked computer systems to improve the efficiency and sustainability of "built environments"—that is, technology for smart buildings, smart grids, smart transportation, and, more broadly, the Internet of Things. Specifically, BETS aims to develop inter-infrastructure networked systems that allow building, energy, and transportation infrastrucutures to be aware of each other and work cooperatively for people's convenience and efficient use of resources. Visit website »

California Climate Change Reseach Center

The CA Climate Change Research Center is the main source of policy-relevant research on climate change in California. Created in 2003 as part of the PIER program, this virtual research center operates in partnership with UC San Diego and UC Berkeley, and many other research institutions, providing information on emissions, impacts, adaptation, and mitigation strategies. Visit website »

California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC)

The CLTC at UC Davis, stimulates, facilitates, and accelerates the development and commercialization of energy efficient lighting and daylighting technologies. CLTC was developed through collaboration among the PIER program, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. Its facility includes full-scale lighting, daylighting, and comprehensive photometric testing laboratories. Visit website »

California Smart Grid Center

The California Smart Grid Center at California State University, Sacramento engages in product testing of automated metering infrastructure and develops practical field solutions for large-scale integration of smart grid technologies. The center works directly with California and nationwide utilities to support the development of the highly desired upgrades to the nation's electric grid. Visit website »

Center for Resource Efficient Communities (CREC)

CREC is dedicated to supporting the state's climate-change and resource-efficiency goals through interdisciplinary research, public communication, and professional outreach. With an initial focus on evaluating the resource efficiency of urban designs, CREC is supported in part by public goods research funding through the CEC. Visit website »

Center for the Built Environment (CBE)

Headquartered at UC Berkeley, CBE's mission is to improve the design, operation, and environmental quality of buildings by providing timely, unbiased research on building technologies and design techniques. Operating under the National Science Foundation, much of CBE's work is supported and guided by its Industry Partners, a diverse group of building industry leaders. Visit website »

Cleantech to Market (C2M)

CIEE is proud to collaborate on Cleantech to Market (C2M), a program of the Energy Institute at the Haas School of Business. C2M is a partnership between students, scientists, engineers, and professionals to translate low-carbon energy, green chemistry, and water research into market opportunities. During the C2M cycle, C2M helps develop the next generation of innovative cleantech leaders. C2M evaluates and selects promising cleantech inventions from UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and beyond, and then hand-selects commercialization teams comprising top UC Berkeley graduate students from over 20 programs, including business, engineering, science, law, policy, and the Energy and Resources Group. Visit website »

Energy Institute at Haas (EI @ Haas)

EI @ Haas is a joint venture of UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business and the UC Energy Institute with the goal of bridging the gap between the frontiers of economic and scientific energy research and the marketplace. EI @ Haas receives substantial funding from the PIER program, and is a continuation of the Center for the Study of Energy Markets, which began in 2001. Visit website »


i4Energy is a collaboration among the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), CIEE, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. It exists to facilitate and promote research on system-integrated enabling technologies to enhance energy efficiency, improve demand/response, and enable dramatic improvements in energy distribution. Visit website »

Demand Response Research Center (DRRC)

DRRC develops, prioritizes, conducts, and disseminates multi-institutional research on the full range of factors related to real-time demand-side infrastructure and response to supply-side problems (known as demand/response). The center is led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which provides technical, operational and planning leadership. Visit website »

Plug-In Hybrid & Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Research Center

The PHEV center provides technology and policy guidance to the state, and helps solve research questions to address commercialization issues for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. The center coordinates an external Advisory Council composed of academic, government and non-governmental organizations to oversee the development of a PHEV Research Roadmap for the CEC. Visit website »

Western Cooling Efficiency Center (WCEC)

The WCEC is an element of the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center (EEC). Through partnerships with industry and utilities, the WCEC's research and development focus is to identify new technologies, disseminate information, and implement programs that reduce cooling system electrical demand and energy consumption in the western United States. Visit website »

Bringing a sustained research focus to critical energy technologies, research centers are key partners of CIEE. Funding from the California Energy Commission initiated or currently supports many of these centers, a strategic investment to advance technologies that are essential to implementing its top-priority energy policies. Through the centers, experts develop design-analysis tools, carry out monitoring and characterization studies, and conduct research on advanced components, systems, and other technologies to reduce energy use and electrical loads. CIEE works closely with these centers, together partnering with industry and manufacturers to bring research results successfully to market.