CIEE is proud to be a partner in the Bi-national Laboratory for the Intelligent Management of Energy Sustainability and Technology Education (the “U.S.-Mexico Lab”) led by Mexico’s Tecnológico de Monterrey.

As the first decade of this century drew to a close, Mexico was on a troubling energy trajectory: While energy consumption was increasing annually at a slightly higher rate than the GDP, domestic energy production was decreasing. Absent bold action, Mexico was on track to become a net energy importer in the near future.

In response, Mexican leaders reformed the National Energy Strategy, enacting a sweeping plan to, among other things, promote energy sustainability by increasing energy production – including from clean renewable sources – and dramatically improving energy efficiency.

Mexico recognized that implementing its reform would require significant research and development resources, estimating a demand for at least 135,000 technical and academic specialists to work in energy-related fields by 2019.

Harnessing the technological, laboratory and academic resources of Tecnológico de Monterrey, BECI, Instituto Nacional de Electricidad y Energias Limpias (formerly known as Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas), Tecnológico Nacional de México, Arizona State University, and the Comisión Federal de Electricidad of Mexico the U.S.-Mexico Lab will help fill critical technological and research training and capacity gaps to support the successful implementation of Mexico’s sweeping energy sustainability and efficiency strategy.

The U.S.-Mexico Lab will:

  • Train highly-specialized and specialized masters, doctoral and post-doctoral students with expertise in both energy and sustainability
  • Update and reskill some 15,000 technicians through massive open online classes
  • Create a formidable national and international virtual and physical laboratory network to facilitate research on smart grids, power electronics, electric motors and generators, power measurement, energy efficiency strategies, energy storage and other key topics
  • Launch a bi-national research network

CIEE brings wide-ranging research expertise that will be pivotal to the success of the collaboration. Research at UC Berkeley will focus on: the integration of renewable energy into national electricity sectors; off-grid rural electrification pathways; and real-time control of power distribution utilizing micro-synchrophasors for renewable energy integration.

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Mexico’s electricity sector has recently faced deep deregulation, where new technologies are faced with market changes and regulatory readiness is not fully completed. As technology evolves, do U.S. policies and wholesale market constructs efficiently enable the objectives of increasing renewable energy, maintaining grid reliability and resiliency, and promoting environmental sustainability? If so, what best practices can be incorporated into the Mexican market and regulatory system to achieve similar policy goals? Learn more»