Broken Information Feedback Loops Prevent Good Building Energy Performance—Integrated Technological and Sociological Fixes Are Needed
Proceedings of the 2012 ACEEE Summer Study (Panel 12 Paper 1123). Information feedback loops for building performance range from the long-term—including university education of building designers; to the short term—including building occupants seeking to manage their environment with operable windows and thermostats, to building controls themselves on a time scale of seconds or minutes. In between are owners seeking to make informed renovation and retrofit decisions on a time scale of years, and operators looking for ongoing commissioning opportunities on a time scale of hours to months. Unfortunately all of these feedback loops are often broken, with meaningful convenient performance information typically unavailable for decision-making. We examine the current typical disconnects for each of the feedback loops, their interactions, and potential solutions.
Author(s): Karl Brown and Edward Arens
CIEE Program: Energy Use in Buildings
Document Type: Publications
Filename: 2012ACEEE_12_1123Final15may12post.pdf
Publisher: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Year Published: 2012