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Behavior Energy and Climate Change Conference (BECC) Call For Abstracts

The Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference (BECC) is the premier international conference focused on understanding human behavior and decision making and using that knowledge to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future. Currently, in its 12th year, BECC is associated with a growing set of allied conferences in Europe and Asia.

Mitigating climate change is more urgent than ever, and we need major leaps in systems and behaviors to address this critical issue. In 2019 BECC looked at how to scale up programs. Now in 2020 we want to discuss HOW to push these programs faster and farther. BECC invites you to present your work and learn from others about how to encourage behavior change for energy and carbon savings:

  • Level up programs or move them to more effective roles or platforms;
  • Understand why individuals and groups change;
  • Make these transitions in fair and equitable ways.

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