Inflation Reduction Act Brings Renewed Hope for Climate Action

West facade of the U.S. Capitol

The Inflation Reduction Act contains the most ambitious strategy for climate change and clean energy production. While the details are still being sorted out, one thing is clear—this is welcome news in the fight against climate change, and an opportunity to double down on working towards a cleaner, greener, and more equitable planet.

Earth Blocks: From Mud to Wildfire-Resilient Homes

Nitin Kumar, Michele Barbato, Julie Nguyen, and Thomas Tonthat with earth blocks.

As California experiences widespread drought, the threat of wildfires is growing. Tackling the issue of building affordable, disaster-proof housing, CITRIS Climate faculty director Dr. Michele Barbato and his team re-discovered an ancient solution—one that’s been around for many thousands of years.

BERC Energy Summit Panel: “Empowering the Energy Transition Through DEI”

A panel of speakers at the 2022 Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative Energy Summit

At the 2022 Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) Energy Summit, industry experts explored opportunities for leveraging diverse perspectives to enact a more sustainable energy future in the “Empowering the Energy Transition Through DEI” panel. Learn about the discussion and summit proceedings.

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