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Barbara Haya Discusses Crypto Carbon Offsets in The Verge

November 14, 2022
Silhouette of electric grid towers overlaid with an image of bitcoin.

CIEE research fellow Dr. Barbara Haya was recently featured in an article on The Verge that discusses the viability of turning carbon offsets into crypto tokens in order to tackle climate change. Haya conveyed her concerns over the quality of credits in the carbon offset market and expressed her doubt over offsetting as a credible solution to the climate crisis.

“If cryptocurrencies are buying up poor quality credits and tokenizing them and creating value out of them, that seems really problematic to me,” said Haya. “You don’t want to create value out of things that are based on false claims about carbon impact. … Given that you can’t trust the credit quality, companies ideally would do due diligence and really look for projects and project developers that they trust and that they want to support.”

Read the full article on The Verge

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