Electric Grid

Oakland EcoBlock

The EcoBlock concept was motivated by urgent societal questions and California legal mandates related to climate change and urban vulnerability:
• How can we implement deep decarbonization in the most timely manner, without having to re-build a majority of housing and infrastructure?
• Specifically, how can we best reduce the resource use and carbon footprint of buildings and vehicles?
• How can essential services be provided to residents when the electric grid is disrupted?
• How can such a major transition unfold in a modular, affordable way that includes all communities?

  • Sascha von Meier
    Principal Investigator, CIEE
  • Therese Peffer
    Project Manager, CIEE
  • Daniel Kammen
    Co-Principal Investigator, ERG/RAEL/UC Berkeley
  • Harrison Fraker
    Senior Advisor, ERG/UCB
  • Tim Lipman
    Transportation Team Lead, UCB
  • Rich Brown
    Energy Team Co-Lead, LBNL
  • Nick Clarke
    ERG/UCB, Graduate Student Research Assistant & McQuown Fellow
  • Tanwei Chen
    Energy Engineering, UCB, Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

EcoBlock Vision:

A Multi-Customer Microgrid Solution Electrical system will combine Distributed Energy Resources (DER):
•  Communal rooftop solar PV
•  Communal energy storage system (flywheel and/or battery)
•  Intelligent loads and electric demand response
•  Shared Electric vehicle (EV) charging
•  Smart controls in a direct-current (DC) microgrid infrastructure behind a single interconnection with the utility.

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