Enabling Technologies, Electric Grid

Open-Source, Open-Architecture Software Platform for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Smart Charging in California (XBOS-V)

This interdisciplinary eXtensible Building Operating System–Vehicles (XBOS-V) project focused on controlling plug-in electric vehicle charging at residential and small commercial settings using a novel and flexible open-source, open-architecture charge communication and control platform. The platform provides smart charging functionalities and benefits to the utility, homes, and businesses.

  • Timothy Lipman
    Principal Investigator
  • Duncan Callaway
    Co-Principal Investigator
  • Alexandra von Meier
  • Therese Peffer

This project investigated four important areas of vehicle-grid integration research, integrating technical as well as social and behavioral dimensions: smart charging user needs assessment, advanced load control platform development and testing, smart charging impacts, benefits to the power grid, and smart charging ratepayer benefits.

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