Hamilton Sensors: Operating the Next Generation of Smart Buildings

closeup of a hand holding a small computer chip

On March 31, 2021, the Hamilton project came to a close after four and a half years. Named after Alexander Hamilton, whose portrait appears on the ten-dollar bill, the project developed a modular, open-source, low-cost wireless sensor system to enable energy-efficient building operations for only ten dollars.

An Update from Samantha, 2020 Art Rosenfeld Award Winner

samantha hing

“This last year has highlighted the need for supporting the most vulnerable, low-resource communities around the world, especially in the face of difficult, uncertain times.” Samantha Hing reflects on how the Art Rosenfeld Award has impacted her research activities on energy-efficient cookstoves.

BECC 2021 Call for Abstracts

BECC 2021: Reimagining the Future

The Behavior, Energy & Climate Change (BECC) conference presents behavioral research and practice to foster individual and organizational change that reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions. Abstracts are due April 1st.

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