Workforce Development, Energy Use in Buildings, Behavior & Decision-Making

Quality Residential HVAC Services Program

This project is a multi-tiered incentives program for contractors in California who are dedicated to providing quality installation, maintenance, and advancing energy-efficient technologies in the residential HVAC industry.

  • Therese Peffer
    Director, Enabling Technologies and Energy Use in Buildings, CIEE
  • Miriam Aczel
    Postdoctoral Scholar, CIEE
  • Eunice Chung
    Research Analyst, CIEE

This project is a market support program led by Frontier Energy, Inc to develop a certification and incentive program for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) to conduct high quality bids, installation, and maintenance services to residential and small commercial customers in California.

The Program objectives are:

  • to educate end-use customers on the value of quality HVAC services,
  • provide improved training for HVAC industry contractors and technicians on providing and selling HVAC services,
  • build partnerships with HVAC industry organizations, and
  • improve beneficial HVAC technologies towards greater cost-effectiveness.

An Industry Advisory Panel will help determine standards for services, verification requirements, and outreach and training, particularly for HVAC Contractors who serve disadvantaged communities and hard-to-reach customers. The Quality Residential HVAC Services Program provides multi-tiered incentives for Quality Maintenance Plans, Quality Maintenance Calls, Quality Bids, and Quality Installations and provides extra incentives, training, and tools to Quality HVAC Contractors who routinely provide higher-quality services.

CIEE will lead the customer and contractor questionnaires and interviews and analysis, and develop educational materials for customers and contractors.