Sergio Castellanos
Research Fellow

“The energy challenges we face as a society require thoughtful and creative solutions from many different angles. I am passionate about engaging in multidisciplinary projects that integrate renewable energy technologies with the electric grid, and that can translate into actionable items and tangible solutions.”

Sergio Castellanos is the Berkeley Energy & Climate Institute – Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (BECI–ITESM) Energy Fellow.

His research is conducted in association with the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab from Prof. Dan Kammen, where he is developing an optimization model called SWITCH, to analyze least-cost scenarios for expansion, investment, and decommissioning of energy generation and transmission assets in Mexico.

As part of his research, Sergio also studies the manufacturing capacity of photovoltaic solar modules in Mexico, and the geographical layout that would render an optimized supply chain in the country. This project is in collaboration with the MIT PVLab from Prof. Tonio Buonassisi, where he conducted research for his Ph.D., characterizing structural defects in silicon-based solar cells and assessing their impact on cell efficiency.

Sergio’s interests lie at the intersection of energy policy, technology, and business. He has interned at SENER – Secretaría de Energía (Energy Department of Mexico) working in strategies for human talent development; co-led the organization of a workshop focused on solar technology & innovation, and has led bi-national (US-Mexico) grant proposals between energy/solar research laboratories, helping to bridge the solar technology gap between these two countries.