Barbara Haya
Research Fellow
(202) 306-0576

Barbara Haya’s work combines research and policy outreach with a focus on the effectiveness of carbon offset programs. She current leads two projects. One examines the outcomes of California’s carbon offset program and performs analysis on any proposed expansion or modification to the program. California’s offset program is expected to contribute substantially to how the state will achieve its emissions targets and to offer a potential model for other new offset programs around the world. Barbara is also helping the University of California system develop its strategy for procuring carbon offsets for use towards meeting the system’s carbon neutrality goals.

Barbara holds a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group, where she studied the outcomes of the Kyoto Protocol’s offset program, the Clean Development Mechanism, and worked closely with NGOs at the international climate change negotiations in support of offset program reform. Prior to joining CIEE, she worked with the Union of Concerned Scientists and then Stanford Law School contributing analysis on the design and implementation of California’s global warming law.

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